Vragerups trädgård

The garden

Gäster i Vragerup

Vragerup has a big lush garden that we love to share with our guests. You can take a nap in a sunbed or take a dip in our lovely swimming pool. Why not enjoy breakfast under our big walnut tree.

After a day full with tourist attractions it can be tempting with a barbeque in the garden. We have barbeques that you can borrow. If it’s not too dry you can barbeque over an open fire in our garden.

Pool and Pool house

In the garden we have a swimming pool, I recommend a morning swim. It’s a lovely way to start the day. In our huge garden there is room for soccer, badminton, golf or boccia. We have all the gear.

PoolhusetIn the pool house you can relax with a book or play board games. We have a fridge where you can keep drinks and food. Here is also a barbeque and dining furniture, perfect for chilly nights.