Vragerups gård

The farm

The History of Vragerup

Äldre fotonVragerups land was donated to Lunds University by King Karl XI in the 1600’s as a foundation stone for the University. During most of the 17th century the university award the professors and the officials a farm as a fringe benefit.

The buildings on Vragerup were built in 1800’s. The dwelling house is from 1850’s.

There was a big fire on the farm 1929. The stables and a barn were rebuilt. The old gruel clock reminds us of the days when there were a lot of people working on the farm. The clock would ring to let the works know that it was time for lunch.

Christians father told him that it was about thirty people working on the farm during the high season. Today we are two people working on the farm. We are so happy that our guest gives light and a happy touch to our farm. The Bed & Breakfast have been running since 1991. We think it is important to look after  “the old´´ and cherish it. I personally love old furniture. We have some furniture in the house that’s from the 1800’s. It was one the time when Christians old grandfather lived on the farm. To be able to take care of our old furniture, I took classes to learn how to renovate the furniture.

The family Wraghe has leased the farm since 1887. Christian is the fourth generation on the farm.

2009 we were fortuned to buy the dwelling house, buildings and some land. We lease additional land where we grow wheat, barley, canola, grass seed and sugar beets.